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Arpeggio Exercises (PDF) for faster scales

(probable also a good idea to practice these even if you're not a guitarist)

If you suck at arpeggios you probably suck at scales as well!

I developed these arpeggio exercises for my self to help develop faster scales. Just playing a scale up and down can help a lot, but it for sure has its limitations. Of course arpeggios are just scales where you often skip a note, and can give more musical and challenging (usable) exercises.

You can use whatever R.H. fingerings you want for these exercises, depending on what you are trying to achieve. I think these are GREAT for developing PICCADO, which for me also means practicing m-a, a-i, etc.


Even though i.e. the first exercise says "Cmaj7" I might not start with the "root-note", so keep an eye out for where the roots are. In many cases I also include the 9th of the arpeggio even if I call it a 7th chord. This I do to create a target note to the Root (7-9-1), to enhance the feeling of where the new arpeggio starts.

I didn't include any position marks besides the L.H. fingerings, but you should most of the time (about half) feel like you're in 7th position.

Hope you enjoy!


Download PDF • 58KB

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