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Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Apparently if I post a video here and write a few words about it, it will be easier to find me on YouTube.. So lets go!

This fantastic Bulerias (flamenco piece) "El Temple" by Paco de Lucia, took me a long time to learn! About three years from start to this video I recon. It is if not more, as difficult as it sounds, so hard work.

Guajiras by Daniel Casares is a fantastic Guajira by Daniel Casares (See what i did there?) Fun, beautiful and virtuos flamenco piece. I love it!

Ventanas al Alma is a minera (flamenco piece) by the fantastic guitarist Vicente Amigo. It contains multiple beautiful and virtuos melodies as well as a well ornamented quintuplet tremolo part.

This Beautiful piece by Torroba has been very well received! Torija from Castillos de España / Castles of Spain is a lovely piece by Federico Moreno Torroba

A few videos from a concert i did some years back. This is "homenaje" or Homenaje pour Le Tombeau de Claude Debussy by Manuel de Falla. This is a fantastic piece that was premiered by Andres Segovia in 1919.

The fourth movement; "La Gaubanca" from "Collectici intim" by Vicente Asencio. (the rest of the piece will come soon - La Serenor (Serenity), La Joia (Joy), La Calma (Calm), La Gaubança (Delight), and La Frisança (Haste))

I called these videos "best forgotten Segovia Piece(s)" as I think this suite is among the best music that was written for Andres Segovia that is not very much played. It is the "Pièces caractéristiques" by Federico Moreno Torroba (1891 – 1982) This is the first movement "I Preambulo".

Second movement "II Oliveras"

3rd movement: III Melodia Segovia didn´t really play this as it didn´t have enough rests apparently, and therefore not giving him the room to use rubato as he loved to do.

IV Los Mayos

V Albada

VI "Panorama" - I really love this Fantastic and virtuose last movement! It reuses a bunch of the themes from the prior movements to tie it all together, and ends up with a fuge -like virtuose fire show :)

"Sons de Carillhoes" - Joao PERNAMBUCO (João Pernambuco) "Sound of bells"

36 Caprices - Op.20, N° 7 - Luigi Legnani

Very fun little "virtuose" caprice in the style of Niccolò Paganini

(Did you btw know that Paganini was a great guitarist as well as violinist?)

"Lagrima" (tear drop) by Fransisco Tarrega, is one of the most belowed little guitar pieces. Very easy and beautiful. Worth checking out if you dodnt know it! (But you probably do!)

Danza Brasileira is a very fun piece of music by the Argentinian composer and guitarist Jorge Morel. It is written as a brasilian Bossa Nova, hence the name :)

Por Ti Mi Corazon is a well known and beautiful Mexican folk melody arranger for the guitar by Manuel Ponce

In this video I was just trying out some new lights, and ended goofing around with this lovely piece by the venezuelan composer Antonio Lauro which is called "La Negra". I used to play this alot when I was younger.

Wild Mountain Thyme is a lovely traditional Scottish folk melody arranged for the guitar by great american guitarist Scott Tennant

"Home" is a lovely piece I recently discovered. It is written by Andrew York who played it the famous guitar quartet LAQG (los angeles guitar quartet) alongside Scott Tennant (from above)

En los Trigales is the most played piece from "Por los Campos de Espana" by maybe Spains best composer Joaquin Rodrigo

La Muerte Del Angel (the Death of an Angel) is (IMHO) one of Piazzolla´s best pieces.

Tango en Skai is maybe the most famous piece by the french guitarist and composer Roland Dyens. Skai is a form of fake leather (used in clothing) reffering to the Tango having to be Argantinian to be "real".

An idea (Passacaglia for Eli) - Fantastic beautiful little piece by the great Cuban composer Leo Brouwer

"Abendlied" or Evening song by Johann Kaspar Mertz is a amazing romantic piece that i really love playing. Its the 2nd piece from op13 barden klange, which is a collection of pieces written in the style of Franz Schubert

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