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Check list for concerts

Updated: May 18, 2023

Fail to prapare - Prapare to fail

(and be prepared for the unpreparable) - Or is it expect the unexpected?

For instance: Don't assume you will walk into a heated venue. You can hope for it ofc, you can even call ahead and "make sure" they'll remember. But they will still forget! (sometimes) - So.... Be prepared! Have a pair of wool socks and a wool undershirt just in case. Etc...

(Pdf on bottom of page)

You should read through this list at the day of your concert before leaving home, and a few days before that as well.

  • Double check time and date?

  • Did your nails?

  • Foot stole or whatever you use

  • Is there gonna be a note stand there? Do you need one? (Should you bring one?)

  • Page turner pluss battery. (Rehearsed with shoes? - feels different)

  • Water bottle? my throat always gets super dry while playing so I have to drink in between each piece (sometimes movements)

  • Ekstra set of fav. strings? (Maybe used trebles? they wont detune as easy)

  • Rehearsed what to say?

  • A pencil!? Especially important in ensembles - you might look like a fool if you didn´t bring one

  • Updated scores? (and fingerings)

  • Nail kit pluss emergency kit (ping pong ball and super glue ect)

  • Shine your shoes?

  • Shave?

  • Haircut? (Might need it if it's a very important concert)

  • Clean black socks? Prepare beforehand if you like me; most of the time only own one pair of black socks for some reason

  • Does your pants have a big ol´ hole in the crotch? Check ahead

  • Practiced with shoes? Your foot stole and page turner might feel different w shoes.

  • Practiced with slippery pants

  • practiced with jacket? buttons might make noise and throw you of your game

  • Wool socks or wool long sleeved shirt in case of unheated room (happens way too often)

  • Assign (days ahead) a good friend or sibling to greet and sell tickets if the venue doesn't have that covered.

  • Same goes for pushing "record" on your camera (did you empty your SD card? also for your Zoom?)

  • Is the concert outside? -winter? did you remember to cancel it!?

  • Tuning fork (or other tuning tool you use)

  • Protein bar, dark chocolate, banana and or nuts to avoid blood suger spikes

  • One of my former teachers always brings (out of experience) anti diarrhea medication in his bag when touring. Might save the day!

Thank you for reading,

Please make contact if theres items you think I should add to the list!

PS: The day after I wrote this I played a concert at a suuuper cold venue. I forgot my wool socks, and I (even after writing this post) forgot to have clean black socks. I had a fever and felt like Shit, so if it wasn't for my wool under shirt (which I brought just in case) I would have be really fucking fucked!

Download PDF • 35KB

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